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Professional DJ Hire in Gosport & Hampshire

P.A. & Lighlitng Hire

Sounds 4 U also offer P.A and lighting hire across the Hampshire area. 

Price for this all depends on what you require, with our 20kw sound system we can do anything from big halls to festivals.

We can also offer sound support for bands, singers etc via either a front house sound desk, side house sound desk or even both.

With 3 experienced sound and lighting engineers, as part of the sounds 4 U team, we can work and tailor each set up to your induvidual needs.  

When it comes to lighting, we can also customise it around your needs. With a lighting bar that can span upto 6m and a varst selction of lights & lasers, we can customise to your package.

All our lighting is controlled via Martin Light Jockey, so we can build the light show around you.

Feel free to contact us today to plan your tailored package whether you need P.A, Lighting or both together.

PA Hire Hampshire

Using our state of the art 42 channel Allen & Heath mixer, we can make sure all artists sound levels are right, whether it be for the sound the audience hear or to what they can hear via their own monitor speaker.

All sound set up can be supplied and we always use high quality equipment. Even from the small things, like all our microphones are Shure SM58, all our leads are made using high quality Vann Damme cables and Nuetrik connectors. 

All this can be tailored to your own needs, so you both get what you need and at a price that's right too.

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